SMFN -7000 & SU-7000 Safety Relief Valve


Pressure Relief Valve Type–SMFN-7000-LP, SMF-7000-MP, SMF-7000-HP & SU-7000

This product range is mainly used for Thermal Relief application but thanks to the certified coefficient of discharge for gas and liquid it can be used also for pressure relieving application. Types SMFN-7000 covers the application where users have preference for screwed connection. These valves are available with inlet sizes from ½” to 1” and pressure from 0.8 Bar to 400 Bar for Gas & up to 1500 Bar for Liquid in various material combinations. Type SU-7000 has flanged end connections with an integral casted body.

Media : Gas, Steam and Liquid.

Over pressure : Gas and Steam and Liquid 10%, 21%.

Blowdown : Gas and Steam 5% to 7% & less than 21% for Liquid.

Orifices: from “b” to “f”.

Set pressure range : From 0.8 bar to 400 bar (for Gas), up to 1500 bar for Liquid.

Temperature range : From -200 °C to 400 °C.

Materials : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Hastelloy, Monel and other material upon request.

Options : Bellows, Flushing nozzles, Lifting lever, Test gag, Resilient or Hardened seat

Design Codes: API-520, API-521, API-526, API-527, ASME-B 16.34, ASME-B 16.5, ASME-Section VII

SV-200-300-Safety-Relief-ValveSMFN-7000 & SU-7000 Safety Relief Valve

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